Major Wasantha Bandara

Senior Regional Manager

Certis Lanka Security Solution (Pvt) Ltd

I am Major Wasantha Bandara and currently I am working at Certis Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, as a Senior Regional Manager – Southern Province, after serving in Sri Lanka Army for 14 years in the rank of Major. I was commissioned from the Sri Lanka Military Academy – Diyathalawa. Served in several operations Such as Jayasikuru, Rivikirana, Kinihira and Manushiya Meheuma etc. And was awarded the Ranasura Padakkkama (Rsp), Deshaputhra, Purnaboomi and many more medals for gallantry in battle. In the Army I was held several commander appointments such as Platoon commander, Officer Commander, 2nd In Command etc.


That was little about myself and currently I am following MBA at VLT Campus to get better knowledge about management which is help to my current employment. To be successful in anything, we need to be confident. I believe Self-confident is the key to all accomplished work. Hence I selected this MBA program which gives a number of challengers in the form of assignments to the students. The course with its work, enhances the personality of an individual which other courses might fail to do so. This MBA degree valid abroad as well as it is approved by UGC in Sri Lanka. We can get a double degree from well reputable Switzerland & Malaysian Universities. Lectures conducted by well qualified, experienced foreign & local lecture panel. As well we can have a chance to applying for blue card after completing this. During the course we can attend foreign industrial training as well. The other reason is to selected this MBA, its run on a part-time basis and entire course can be completed in Colombo. So no interference to my job by following this.

So I invite all, those who wish to shine more in their career, to join hand with VLT.


“I have always enjoyed learning. Being a former Fighter Aircraft Electrician in Sri Lanka Air Force; Having worked many years in administrative positions in IT, education and special projects, Earned the certified Diploma in Project Management and Executive Diploma n Business Administration from University of Colombo and I’m currently working towards my Masters in Business Administration.

I chose to study at VLT Campus in Colombo because it offers a quality, locally and the globally recognized Malaysian and Switzerland Dual MBA programme in Lincoln and UBIS Universities. The programme has a flexible delivery mode which is perfect for busy people like me. I really found what I expected and even more: update of managerial techniques required for operational development, high-level professors, open and friendly atmosphere, flexibility and willingness of faculty and management members to provide help and support when needed.

I would highly recommend the Dual MBA programme offered by VLT Campus to anyone who wants to grow both as a professional and as a person.”

Dumindra Dharani Kulatunga