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 Set up in 2014, VLT Campus Ltd is the functioning education providers in Sri Lanka with the good number of students in the private sector higher education industry. The Campus provides modern facilities such as libraries, air-conditioned lecture halls with newest coaching supports, Wi-Fi facilities, student refreshment room, cafeteria, and...


VLT Campus’s Partner Universities & Approved CentersVLT campus associated with Universities internationally. They are Hechi University, China, ABE UK, Quest International University Perak - Malaysia, Lincoln University College, Malaysia and KDU University, Malaysia. At the same time, VLT campus has approved centers. They are Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, City...


VLT Campus has its purpose-built state in Colombo 3 partners of VLT Campus are IBAS University Switzerland, Quest International University,Lincoln University Malaysia and KDU University College Malaysia. The Campus comprises a strong panel of lecturers who are academically and professionally qualified to adopt modern and structured coaching methods to provide...


Our vision aims to create highly qualified graduates who can find employment in this globalized world with ease.We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.Student Admission:-  Congratulations on your decision to apply to VLT Campus – Sri Lanka. We are...


VLT Campus is a Leading Professional and High Education Private Campus In Sri Lanka.

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This is the ideal course for the student that has an interest in above specific fields on a practical point of view, or for those that would like to progress in the field of business studies. It delivers the ideal foundation knowledge reaching into many areas of Business. The value of this course has been certified with the approval from TVEC,abe and athm which means that you now receive a recognized certificate issued by VLT Campus . This is one year program.

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The Bachelor in Business Administration program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia is designed to help the students to acquire academic and technical skills, so that they are able to take up managerial roles in the future. LUC strives to provide the graduate students with adequate knowledge of business and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. This learning will help the students to achieve success in the professional field.

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A Dual Degree MBA is an internationally recognized qualification.The MBA program is aimed at ambitious business management professionals seeking an affordable and effective way of furthering their careers. The program is taught on a convenient modular basis, ideal for busy executives, by both local and visiting international faculty, renowned in their various fields of business. The course is run on a part-time basis.

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The students can follow courses and engage in relevant research at VLT Campus in Colombo, Sri Lanka to obtain DBA degree of Quest International  University Perak .The Doctor of Business Administration program is aimed at producing students who are confident and able to understand, comprehend and carry out relevant research related to problems faced by business organizations. The graduates are motivated, independent, knowledgeable and with the attitude that can put them ahead in the international business marketplace. They will be experts in their field of research and possess critical thinking in solving business-oriented problems.

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